03 January 2012

03/01/2012 - Feelings.

Most of my customers say I have an American accent and I dont sound local. I believe that's good since I studied in Australia for roughly 2 years and never gained their accent.

I remember the time when I was in a relationship and after we broke up after a year being together. I made the worst mistake ever and that was allowing her to be my best friend and being backstabbed numerous times over.

Now I have yet again made someone my friend instead of parting ways. Hopefully history isnt gonna repeat itself.. For I have the exact same feeling and emotions of last time.

Socialising has its own problems although its good because you can mix and talk to nearly everyone it's also bad because you are too friendly and everyone around starts hating you. I use to have this problem with my friend Gideon. We mixed with everyone chatted and played with until one day everyone just ignored us. Found out there was a miss understanding but the feeling of it pisses us off so bad that we hated the sudden change and peoples point of view to us as liars and fakes.. We hated it to the core.

Work today is pretty lame. Mostly school kids because school starts tomorrow.. Funny thing is that most of the hair styles they wanted are the same short, back and sides with a medium length slanted fringe.


02 January 2012

02 / 01 / 2012 - Old Friends

Met up with Rong Xuan, Chuan kit and Chuan Seng today. I've known them nearly 8 years. Decided to head off to Asia cafe and play some Battlefield 2 and Rise of Nations. Pretty awesome day although wasted like 7 hours on games. Hahaha.

I was supposedly to meet up with amanda but I guess it got cancelled since it may have been awkward anyway with her friends. Since we skyped she occasionally falls asleep. Hahaha Cute no?

Well not really fall asleep as there was a lil bit of camwhoring involved through skype.

To keep ourselves awake for 7 hours of gaming we were high on caffeine.

Rong xuan with his funny face. Chuan Kit and Chuan Seng pretty much concentrating on the game.

And I pretty much discussed with them about how about we shall continue playing.


01 January 2012

01/01/2012 - Reblogging

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New years resolution ;

Gain Weight.
Gain Muscles.
Be a better person.
Upgrade and modify honda.

So on New years Eve I spent my time with Amanda Chen. A new friend whom I met a couple of weeks back. But here's the thing we both never went anywhere.. All we did was skype till 2 am in the morning and wished each other got high and crazy on skype with a lil bit of music blasting.

Saddest part is although she has to go church today to start her new year I have to work till 10pm. But huzzah. Tomorrows an offday! Yeah. Hahaha.

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